Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We got Married !!!

One month ago today we got married. It was great to have our family and friends share this special day with us. We were limited on the amount of people who we could invite so some people got left off the list and to those people I am sorry. I think what makes it worse is that we invited people and they rsvp'd that they were coming and then never showed up. Not one time have I ever done that to someone and never will I because now I realize the expense put into a wedding. I think the thing that amazes me is that these people who I have considered friends havent even called me or emailed me and said "hey sorry I couldnt make your wedding this or that came up." Its just been NOTHING.. Look if your mad at me have the stones to say so, thats what my friends do, they expect it of me and I expect it of them. And if thats something you cant do then let me know we arent friends an I'll move on. Enough said you know who you are. Tiffany and I will be running our first event as a married couple this month when we head down to Galveston to run the Mardi Gras Half Marathon. We have already decided that we will run hogs hunt 50k this yr and we have a 50 miler planned before 2012 gets here. It should be an exciting first yr as husband and wife. :-)