Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Houston Marathon Report

Well I had the worst marathon I so far on Sunday. After two weeks of training on what I thought was a broken big toe on my right foot I ran the Houston Marathon on Sunday. Everything was going good till about mile 6 when my calf started cramping on my right leg. My only thought was that my gait had changed due to the toe issue and was causing the calf to cramp. I choose to run on and it finally relaxed only to come back at mile 15 which is about the same time I started feeling really sick at my stomach. I drank water and Gatorade at every stop hoping that I would avoid dehydration. I also to some endurolytes because during rocky raccoon I had the same experience and someone gave me the endurolytes and I felt better. Well it didn't work this time, I just continued to feel worse. At mile 22 I took the beer truck up on it offer of free beer thinking that the carbs would give me the energy to continue on well at mile 24 I got to taste that beer again and it was not nice. The best part of my day was making that last turn and seeing the finish line. My finish time was 5:20:51. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. I spent and hour and a half in Medical to top it off. I'm hoping there is a lesson to be learned from this but I just cant figure it out. Well at least I finished.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Texas Marathon Report

I ran the Texas Marathon in Kingwood today. No time to report as of this posting because I didn't listen when I crossed the finish line so I didn't get my time. I know I finished number 120 as represented by time number around my bats neck. I saw a lot of good friends out there today and other then feeling beat up. I had a lot of fun as I usually do when I run a marathon. 17 more days till Houston. I'm pretty sure I'm ready. UPDATE: My finishing time was 4hr 35 min 26 seconds