Saturday, December 20, 2008


I went out in the mist and nocked out 12 miles. It was a little warmer then I like this time of year but the mist kept me cool, except it stopped half way thru my run. I recorded 49.18 miles for the week so all in all not a bad week of running.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Foggy run

I went out about 5 this afternoon and ran 6 miles at the track. Ken and Curtis were both there so we ran for a while together. I took it easy as this was my first run since Sugarland this past weekend. I figure ill get in some good mileage this week and next until the 26th then ill start some type of taper to prepare for the Texas Marathon in Kingwood on the first.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sugarland 30K

I went out and ran the 30k in Sugarland today and it was a great experience I say that because it afforded me the chance to watch on of the best runners Seven Hills has achieve a goal that she has been shooting for. Congratulations to my friend Adrienne for the wonderful run you had today. I am so proud of you you did great. As for me I feel like I really let my self down today. I cant figure out what I did wrong but I came in at 3:00:00. 15 minutes slower then last year for the same course. I guess after all the PR's I have been setting for myself things were bound to go south sooner or later but I will recover and be ready for The Texas Marathon in Kingwood on January 1st. It was great to see Holden, Jon, Bill, and Ben today and to meet Adrienne's family so it was worth the trip.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Long Day at Work

After a rather long and really busy 24 hrs at work I came home this morning ready to run and get some stress out. I went out to run about 8:30am and ran 7.50 miles I felt really tight at first but eventually loosened up and enjoyed the rest of my run. It was going great then the cold rain started so I headed to the house, because I dint have my rain Poncho with me which I don't use during races but I don't see the need to get totally soaked to train. I finally made up my mind to register for the 30k in Sugarland this afternoon so ill be running Sunday. More tomorrow.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Short Jog For Soreness

I didn't get to take my ice bath Saturday like I would have liked to because I had to drive the old fire engine in the annual Christmas parade not to long after I finished running the Sunmart. I just had time to come home, shower, and get my uniform on before it was time for me to go. So yesterday I decided that I would go out and jog 6 miles to see if that worked some of the soreness out well as of this morning it has helped a little. I have committed myself to start blogging a little more so I figured making sure I did one on Monday was a great way to start the week. Now I'm off to work for my 24 hr shift. More tomorrow.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sunmart Report

I ran the Sunmart 50k today and for the first time during a race actually faced a dilemma. While complete the short loop at the start of the race I came upon a young lady laying on the side of the course. There were a few other ladies talking to her but not really helping her. My mind said stop and help but my watch was telling me to run on as I was running with fellow 7hills member Robert Duncan and we were at a great pace. Well my mind won out I couldn't just leave her there knowing she was hurt. I started my patient assessment and found out her name was Amy and that she was from Austin and that she had tripped over a root and heard something pop in her ankle. I elevated her ankle and thus began our 45 minute wait for the medic to show up. I helped load her onto the 4wheeler and said goodbye and good luck. Then I was off again. I set my mind to playing catchup and it went pretty well for a couple of hours as I passed a lot of the people that had passed me while I was stopped.
I had planned on coming in under 6hr30min so that I bettered my Rocky Raccoon 50k time but god had other plans for me now that I look back at it I'm glad I stopped. i was able to help another human being as I have been trained to do and isn't that more important then a finishing time. On a side note my running partner finished in 5hrs 22mins 33sec. I finished in 7hrs 11min 34sec. If you take the 45 min stop off my time I would have came in under 6hr 30min. but I'm happy and I'm healthy. And ill be back next year.